Automatic Stationery packing machine

Short Description:

1.AC-320 series machine used for stationery blister card packaging
2.widely pack the soft ,strip object such as pen, pencil,eraser,glue and so on
3. Automatic machine flow, high product capacity

Product Detail

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AC-320B series blister card packaging machine is Suitable for full-cover seal stationery packaging.
It can be widely used in Ball point pen packaging, marker pen packaging, adhesive tape packaging,sharpener packaging,correction tape packaging,pencil packaging,etc.



–Machine automatic forming blister, dropping paper card, heat sealing, cutting, automatic product output and residual material recovery.
–Machine is equipped with an accurate temperature control module, PVC shortage alarm, auto stop for insufficient air pressure ,auto warning for damaged electrical parts.
–Machine use human-machine interface and PLC control system, and equipped with counting, starting password, fault reminder, maintenance reminder and other functions.

Main Parameter

Production speed 8-13 times/min
Max forming area 300mm*250mm
Max forming depth 40mm
Forming heating power 3kw(*2)
Heat sealing power 3.5kw
Total power 13kw
Air consumption  ≥0.5m³/min
Air Pressure 0.5-0.8mpa
Packing material(PVC)(PET) thickness 0.15mm-0.5mm
Max paper dimension 320mm*255mm*0.5mm
Total Weight 3300kg
Machine dimension(L*W*H) 6200mm*800mm*1880mm

Machine Diagram

PVC loading→PVC heating→blister forming→servo traction→Manual operation for product→paper card lay down →hot sealing→blister paper card cutting→product output→PVC scrap collection


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