Automatic Clamshell Packing Machine

Short Description:

1.use pre-made blister
2. auto paper card lay down, auto blister buckled
3.stainless steel machine body, high configuration

Product Detail

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Machine is Suitable for clamshell blister packaging.


–worker place blister, paper card lay down, worker place product, blister fold and buckled, product output
–paper card shortage alarm, insufficient air pressure auto stop, auto warning for damaged electrical parts.
–Human-machine interface and PLC control system, and is equipped with counting, starting password, fault reminder, maintenance reminder and other functions.

Main Technical Parameter

Production speed 10-18 times/ min
Max forming area 55mm*240mm
Max forming depth 50mm
Total Power 3kw
Air consumption consumption ≥0.3m³/min
Air Pressure 0.6mpa
Weight 1800kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 4500mm *1100mm*2000mm

Flow Diagram

Worker place blister→paper card lay down to blister →worker place product→blister fold and bulked by manipulator→second buckled pressure added by manipulator→product output→
(optional choice:labelling machine, ink-jet printer)


Three view drawing


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