Use of blister packaging machine

The toothbrush Packing Machine is a synchronous fuse machine and a high-frequency equipment. It is mainly used for product processing that needs to be welded and must be cut simultaneously. The working principle is to use the pressure device equipped with the welding and reflow machine to cut at the same time, basically at the same time. The fusing machine is mainly suitable for sealing packaging of double-sided blister blister, blister paper card packaging, toothbrush sealing packaging of APET, PETG, GAG environmentally friendly materials, and welding and welding of EVA cloth leather, leather, OPP, and PU materials. Fuse.

The blister packing machine uses the principle of high-frequency heat sealing, and the workpiece is heated by the mold to reach the welding of plastic and plastic, plastic and paper card, or paper card and paper card. The surface of the welded paper card is usually Coated with a layer of PVC or APET, PETG glue, and melted into one under the action of the fuse. Blister packaging machine, commonly used for double-sided blister sealing packaging, blister elevator sealing packaging, double-sided paper card holder blister cover heat sealing packaging, also known as blister packaging, high-frequency heat sealing packaging, blister packaging Packaging is a blister packaging machine, which is also a packaging equipment commonly used in packaging machinery and printing and packaging machinery. Because the inside of the package is transparent and easy to see after sealing.

Post time: Aug-16-2021