Type of blister packaging-1 : Face seal blister packaging and full face seal blister packaging

What is the blister card packaging?
Blister card packaging is the packaging that boned plastic holds the product against against the stiffed paperboard.

Type of Blister card packaging
There are different type of blister packaging which are including face seal blister packaging, full face seal blister packaging, trapped blister packaging, all paper blistering packaging etc.

This article will be introduce the two most popular blister packaging style--face seal blister packaging and full face seal blister packaging.

*A face seal blister is that a shape-formed plastic surrounds a product and then it is heat-sealed on the edges to a piece of backer paper card . The seal is only on the edge of the plastic --called the heat seal flange while the rest of the card stays uncovered.

*A full-face seal blister is similar to the face seal blister; however, the plastic packaging extends to the entire face of the cards. This offers more durability and strength to the edges of the card and reinforces the hang tab as well.

How blister packing machine works on the two type packaging?

--For face seal blister packaging, AC-400 turntable blister packing machine is suitable. The PVC roll will be heated and formed to become a blister, then the blister will be cutted by die cut mold,which is customized by your product size.

The cutted blister will be transfered to the customized cavities on the turntable automatically. Then worker put the product ( feeder is optional ) ,paper card also will be put by machine automatically.

When the product is finished heat sealing, the product will be transfered to conveyor automatically.

AC-400 流程图

--For full face seal blister packaging, AC-330 Linear type blister packing machine is the perfect solution.

Unlike the face seal blister packaging product, the blister will be heat sealing to paper card first, then the sealing flat will be cutted into several finished products.

The benefit of this working flow will ensure the cutted product’s edge is smooth and won’t hurt our finger.


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Post time: Aug-18-2022