Plastic hot melt welding machine blister packaging machine.

The plastic hot melter of the plastic packaging machine has a beautiful appearance and good performance. When high-precision electronic devices are used for timer switch operation, high-power transformers have the advantages of fast heating, accurate counting, one-time packaging and sealing products, and high compliance rate.
The blister packaging machine is easy to operate.
1. The operation of the plastic packaging machine is simple: just select the time delay, heating time, cooling time and heating current conversion parts, manual rotary table, equipment delay time system software, heating system and refrigeration system fully automatic actual operation , the whole process is closed.
2. The operation table of the blister packaging machine has three processes, the packaging speed is faster, and the production and manufacturing efficiency are high.
3. The mold shell of the blister packaging machine is only suitable for the sealing of the edge of the blister piece and the part of the paper card, which does not harm the packaging. Suction parts and paper cards can maintain a clean and beautiful appearance.
4. The structure of the plastic packaging body is firm, reliable and durable.

Post time: Mar-03-2022