How to seal clamshell packaging

Whats clamshell packaging?

Clamshell packaging is a type of blister card packaging which use two piece blisters to realize the sealed package.

Sealing methods

There are three common different methods for clamshell sealing package.

  1. button seal: by forming the concave and convex part to make the blister sealed.
  2. Hinge seal: by forming a hinge in the blister to realize the rail sealed.
  3. Heat seal: Adopting the RF (Radio Frequency) or ultrasonic to do the clamshell sealing.


Clamshell packaging is widely used in various industry. Such like cosmetics blister packaging, skin care-sunscreen scream blister packaging, electric blister packaging, hardware blister packaging,etc.

For low capacity clamshell packaging, clients use the handheld clamshell sealer to do the packaging .But the handheld clamshell sealer can’t fulfill the requirement for the high capacity.

However, for customers with large quantities of packaging requirements, the above methods can no longer meet their clamshell package production requirements .

Auto clamshell sealing solution

Our company manufacturing a new type clamshell packaging machine for the high capacity clamshell packaging solution.

You just need to put the pre-made blister and the product, all the other step will be finished by the machine, and it will be a fast,higher capacity packaging solution.

The production flow is Worker place the pre-made blister→paper card lay down to blister →worker place product→blister fold and bulked by manipulator→second buckled pressure added by manipulator→product output


You can check the video to learn more about this automatic clamshell packaging machine.

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Post time: Nov-04-2021