AC-400H-8 Double Sided Paper Card Blister Packing Machine

Short Description:

1.Packaging type: double paper card + blister card packaging

2. Mechanical type: turtable ,8 working station design;

3.Feature: High frequency heat sealing,mold platen design, easy to change;

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1.the main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation: according to the length of forming bubble shell, filling speed and hanging card blister heat sealing effect and other factors set the number of blanking per unit time.
2. Servo rolling access mechanism: smooth operation, accurate synchronization, adjustable stroke.
3.due to the use of contact plate heating: reduce the heating plate power, temperature and time, save energy. And enhance the stability and reliability of plastic sheet
4.forming heating plate automatically open and close: it can prolong the heating plate time in the boot, so that the sheet is fully heated, so as to ensure the reliable molding of the bubble shell, effectively control the waste of materials.
5. bubble shell heat sealing: disc multi-station, high frequency heat sealing, double pressure cylinder to achieve rapid heat sealing of bubble shell and paper card, so as to improve the efficiency of equipment.
6. The mould is clamped by pressing plate, which is convenient for loading and unloading.
7. Automatic alarm and stop when the sheet is used. And equipped with emergency stop safety device, improve the safety of the operator in debugging and mold change.

Main Parameter

Item Parameter
Speed 15-20 time/ min
max heat seal area 180mm*350mm
max forming depth 40mm
total power 15kw
Voltage 380V 15kw
Air pressure Pressure 0.5-0.8mpa
Air consumption consumption ≥0.5 m³/min
Max paper card size 200mm*400mm*0.4mm
Machine weight 2500kg
Dimension L5100W4190H1880mm
Machine structure Steel structure + stainless steel



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