AC-450 Automatic Paper Straw Counting and Packing Machine

AC-450 Automatic Paper Straw Counting and Packing Machine
Paper Straw Machine
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AC-450 Automatic Paper Straw Counting and Packing Machine
Product Description

Machine can be applied to packing circele drinking straws,tubes,pipes(straight not bend).such as plastic drinking straws,paper drinking straws,or drinking straws of milk tea ,coffee,coke,soybean and so on.


1.High-efficiency-packing,Steady performance,convenient operation and maintenance,low-rate fault.

2.It can continously work for a long time.

3.Sealing is good and packing is also very petty.

4.Can be synchronous print production date,wearing suspension holes and other equipment according to customer needs

Technical Parameter
Film max-width 450mm
Packing speed 5-25 bag/min
Packing line dimensions 2900x1000x1900mm
Weight 1200kg
Sucker diameter 6-12mm
Number of single counting 20-200(accroding to paper straw’s diameter)
Countequipment(optional) Divided wheel
Power 3.0kw
Weight 1200kg
Machine configuration
Description Model Brand
Servo motor M1 Donlim
Servo motor M2 Donlim
Air swith DZ47-60 Chint Group
Air swith DZ47-80 Chint Group
Air switch CJXZ Chint Group
switching power supply S15-24 Delixi
electromagnetic relay LY2N Omron
Pocker switch SB6-SB7 Chint Group
PLC FPX-C14T Panasonic
Start Button DA2 Schneider
Stop button 2B2-BE/02 Schneider
Encoder 2BJ-BE/02 Omron
Color code switch 1000P/R Zhejiang Julong
Heating tube 23N-T1322 AC200V
Adjustable-speed motor 350W FTK
Air cylinder - Airtac
Solenoid valve - Airtac



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