Where are horizontal cartoners and vertical cartoners suitable for?

Where are the  Horizontal Case Packer and Shanghai Column Case Packer applicable?
Generally speaking, the packaging machine can be used independently, and can also be connected with equipment such as packaging machines to generate production lines. At this stage, there are many kinds of packaging machines on the market, and their functions are not the same. According to different structures, cocoa can be divided into vertical packaging machines and horizontal packaging machines.
Column Cartoner
Among them, the column-type cartoning machine has a faster packaging speed, but the packaging range is relatively small, generally for single commodities such as medicine boards.
Due to the characteristics of column packing, the column packing machine is suitable for packing very fragile and valuable items. Compared with the traditional horizontal packing machine, it can take into account the packing regulations of unique commodities.
In addition, according to different models and specifications, column-type case packers can be divided into semi-automatic case packers and active case packers, and continuous or intermittent case packing methods can be selected according to production and manufacturing regulations.
Horizontal cartoning machine
The horizontal cartoning machine can be used for sealing bags of different products such as medicine, food, hardware, and auto parts.
According to reports, the horizontal box machine is a new technology product integrating machinery, electricity, gas and light. Actively carry out practical operations such as folding the manual, opening the carton, packing the object, printing the production batch number, and sealing. The equipment can be used independently or connected with other equipment to produce a complete production line.

Post time: Apr-13-2022