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Company Profile

Wenzhou Anchuang machinery technology Co., Ltd. is located shore of the east historical city ,southern of China packaging machinery city ruian. Here is the largest production base of packaging machinery in China, products all over the world, long term mechanical study, mature form a complete set of processing and technology talents reserve for our product innovation and development provides a good platform.

We belong to small and mediumsized enterprises of science and technology, through the ISO9OO1:20OO international quality system certification, scientific research and development, manufacturing, marketing and after sales service in one, professional production: paper-plastic packaging machinery, battery hang card packaging machinery, elevator packaging machinery, toothbrush packaging machine.


Product Description

Automatic Blister Paper Card Packing Machine AC-600

Paper Card Packing Machine Supplier_Paper Card Packing Machine


AC-600 is Suitable for full-sealed paper-plastic packaging, such as daily commodity (toothbrush, razor, rubber nipple, hook), small hardware (battery, electronics, glue), stationery (pencil, eraser, correction fluid, solid glue), auto part (brake pads, spark plugs), cosmetics (lipsticks), medicines (safflower oil, essential balm), toys (small cars), medical instruments, food etc.


  • Machine automatic forming blister, dropping paper card,  heat sealing, cutting, automatic product output and residual material recovery.
  • Machine is equipped with an accurate temperature control module, PVC fragments and insufficient air pressure auto stop and automatic fault source for damaged electrical parts.
  • Machine use human-machine interface and PLC control system, and is equipped with counting, starting password, fault reminder, maintenance reminder and other functions.

Main Thechnical Parameter

Production speed 15-18moulds per min
Stroke range 30mm-260mm
Max forming area 500mm*180mm
Max standard forming depth 35mm
Max non-standard forming depth 50mm
Forming heating power 3.5kw(*2)
Heating Sealing Power 4.5kw
Total Power 13kw
Air consumption consumption ≥0.5m³/min
Air Pressure 0.5-0.8mpa
Material thickness(pvc)(PET) 0.15mm-0.5mm
Space between forming blister 5mm
Space between paper card 10mm
Max paper dimension 600mm*200mm*0.5mm
Weight 2500kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 5000mm *1100mm*1800mm


High Quality Straw Paper Roll Slitting Rewinding Machine

Paper Card Packing Machine Supplier_Roll Slitting Rewinding Machine


surface coiling article points the rewinding machine is suitable for aluminum foil,paper,insulation materials,hot stamping.
Film,plastic film(BOPS,PET,PE,PVC),and other narrow article points the rewinding.

1.the machine uses center winding and the surface contact and winding way.
2.With the installation of photoelectric automatic struggle,tension magnetic powder brake and clutch device.
3.Equipped with automatic meter,automatic stop device
4.Host frequency control of motor speed
5.Hydraulic loading method,and ca choose and buy of various loading modes

Technical parameter:

Model  QFJ-C700  QFJ-C1100 QFJ-C1300
Max sheet width  700mm  1100mm 1300mm
Max diameter of unwinding  800mm 800mm  800mm
Max diameter of rewinding  420mm  420mm 420mm
Speed  0-180m/min  0-180m/min 0-180m/min
Power  4kw  5.5kw 5.5kw
Weight  1800kg  2200kg 2500kg
Machine dimension  1800x1800x1200  1800x2200x1200 1800x2200x1200
Min slitting width 3mm 3mm 3mm
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