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Introduction of Blister Card Packaging Machine

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Blister card packaging is a common form of commodity packaging. To sum up its process in one sentence, it is to use a blister packaging machine (also called a blister packaging machine) to heat-seal the edge of the blister on a paper card to seal the entire blister. But such a general summary also ignores irreplaceable details in the entire process:
1. The surface of the paper card should be coated with a layer of plastic oil. In order to make the blister shell and the paper card weld together faster and faster, the paper card used must be over blister oil. PET blister paper cards should be coated with PET oil, and PVC blister paper cards should be coated with PVC oil.
2. The blister card packaging machine should be equipped with corresponding molds. Different product specifications and heat-sealed shapes are different, usually each shape is equipped with a set of molds, and the price ranges from several hundred to several thousand.
3. The blister card packaging machine is only used for single blister sealing paper card, double blister heat sealing. Blister is also known as blister, vacuum hood, plastic mask. According to the different forms of blister, it can be divided into single blister, double blister, card blister and blister card.
4. PVC and PET blister card packaging machines are different. The PVC blister blister card packaging is sealed with a high-frequency heat sealing machine (high frequency principle). This machine has good sealing quality and firm effect. When the blister and paper card are manually torn apart, the paper can be taken out of a layer.

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