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Instructions for use of blister packaging machine

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Debugging procedures and methods

1. Press the switch button of the chassis, the switch lock automatically pops up to open the box, insert the compressed air pipe through the small hole at the bottom of the chassis, and then insert the air pressure regulating valve inlet connector on the back of the chassis door, and fix it with a pipe clamp it is good.

2. Close the cabinet door, open the air source switch to input compressed air, and the machine pressure plate will automatically close. According to the size of the package, the Houra of the blister sheet and the actual packaging situation, turn the air pressure adjustment Lang hand wheel to adjust the air pressure to an appropriate pressure. The greater the air pressure, the faster the pressing plate
The greater the force, it is generally appropriate to adjust to 4-6 atmospheres.

3. Insert the cord plug of the machine into the 200V AC power socket, turn on the main circuit switch of the machine, and connect the whole machine circuit.

4. Place the bakelite horizontally (according to the packaging design) on the horizontal workbench, and connect the wires on the bakelite mold to the bakelite mold terminal in the middle of the mold table of the blister packaging machine.

5. Turn on the cooling switch, turn on the cooling time switch circuit, adjust the cooling time switch timing knob, and select the pressure plate cold pressing time.

6. Push the mold table to rotate in the counterclockwise direction and observe whether the automatic pressing of the platen is normal. If there is no abnormality, the blister and cardboard can be placed on the bakelite mold to start trial packaging.

7. Turn on the heating time switch circuit of the heating switch, adjust the heating time and the timing knob, according to the actual packaging situation, select the appropriate electric heating time of the bakelite mold heating sheet.

8. The heating current conversion switch is used to adjust the electric current of the bakelite mold heating sheet. The user can choose the appropriate heating current gear according to the actual packaging situation.

9. The user can adjust according to the function of the above-mentioned components according to the test packaging situation until they are satisfied.

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