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Wenzhou Anchuang machinery technology Co., Ltd. is located shore of the east historical city ,southern of China packaging machinery city ruian. Here is the largest production base of packaging machinery in China, products all over the world, long term mechanical study, mature form a complete set of processing and technology talents reserve for our product innovation and development provides a good platform.

We belong to small and mediumsized enterprises of science and technology, through the ISO9OO1:20OO international quality system certification, scientific research and development, manufacturing, marketing and after sales service in one, professional production: paper-plastic packaging machinery, battery hang card packaging machinery, elevator packaging machinery, toothbrush packaging machine. Applicable to food, medicine, medicalequipment, toys, hardware, small home appliance, electronics, automobile, daily necessities, cosmetics, xiangsuproducts, tableware, kitchen utensils and appliances, stationery and other industries of paperplastic packagingrelated products. With strong technicalforce, manufacturing processing equipment, perfect aftersales servicesystem and a sound management system, carefully made for users to the most perfect products. Our bestsellingmachine soId a variety of industries, domestic and exported to southeast Asia, Australia, Europe America and othercountries, deeply user's consistent high praise.


Product Description

AC-350 Automatic Blister Paper Card Packing Machine

Card Packing Machine Supplier_Blister Paper Card Packing Machine


AC-350 is Suitable for full-sealed paper-plastic packaging, such as daily commodity (toothbrush, razor, rubber nipple, hook), small hardware (battery, electronics, glue), stationery (pencil, eraser, correction fluid, solid glue), auto part (brake pads, spark plugs), cosmetics (lipsticks), medicines (safflower oil, essential balm), toys (small cars), medical instruments, food etc.


  • Machine automatic forming blister, dropping paper card,  heat sealing, cutting, automatic product output and residual material recovery.
  • Machine is equipped with an accurate temperature control module, PVC fragments and insufficient air pressure auto stop and automatic fault source for damaged electrical parts.
  • Machine use human-machine interface and PLC control system, and is equipped with counting, starting password, fault reminder, maintenance reminder and other functions.

Main parameter

Production speed 15-18 cycles per min
Stroke range 30mm-200mm
Max forming area 320mm*160mm
Max standard forming depth 35mm
Max non-standard forming depth 50mm
Forming heating power 3.5kw(*2)
Heat sealing power 2.5kw
Total power 12kw
Air consumption consumption ≥0.5 m³/min
Air Pressure 0.5-0.8mpa
Packing material(PVC)(PET) thickness0.15mm-0.5mm
Space between forming blister 5mm
Space between paper card 10mm
Max paper dimension 400mm*180mm*0.5mm
Total Weight 1300kg
Machine dimension(L*W*H) 3300mm*1700mm*1850mm


Paper Straw Making Machine With Stainless Body

Card Packing Machine Supplier_Paper Straw Making Machine


The machine is used for produce paper straw 


High-speed paper straw machine integrates paper, glue, winding and cutting in one. It is equipped with NC multi-knife cutting system. The finished paper straw can be cut on-line.

Main Technology Parameter

item parameter
Paper layer 3-4layers
Inner diameter of paper straw 6-12mm
Wall thickness of paper straw 0.07-0.15mm
Stable speed 40-60 m/min
Cutting model Six Blade
Cutting system Servo motor synchronous tracking, multi knife online cutting
Gluing type Single and double side 
workers 1-2 persons
Voltage 380V 3phase 50Hz
Air requirement  Pressure 0.5-0.8mpa
Total power 7 kw
Machine weight 1300 kg
Operating area 4000*9000*2000mm


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