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What is a blister packaging machine and how does it work?

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Blister packaging machine is a machine that makes transparent plastic or sheet into blister, and seals the product between the blister and the bottom plate by hot pressure sealing, adhesive and other methods. The blister packaging product has good sealing and intuitiveness, and is currently widely used in light industry, medicine and chemical industries. This article focuses on the application of integrated products in the blister machine system. Platform products, with the help of EtherCAT bus technology, electronic cams, temperature control and other functions to achieve capsule packaging.

The working principle of the blister packaging machine: the formed film is heated and softened by the heating device, and the blister is sucked out by vacuum negative pressure on the forming template. The filling device fills the packaged material into the blister, and then passes through the roller heat sealing device. Seal the covering film on the surface of the blister material under suitable temperature and pressure, and seal the packaged object in the blister. Then the batch number is printed by the typing and embossing device and the broken line is pressed out, and finally the punching device is punched into a certain size product plate.

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