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How to operate the blister packaging machine

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Operation method

① Prepare medicines and packaging materials, replace the batch number template, install PVC and aluminum foil, check the cooling water, and clean the equipment carefully;

②Turn on the power switch and connect the compressed air;

③Press the heating button, and adjust the heating and heat sealing temperature control tables to the appropriate temperature respectively;

④ Pull the PVC hard sheet through the channel to the punching knife, and pull the aluminum foil to the heat sealing plate;

⑤When the heating plate and the heat sealing plate rise to the appropriate temperature, adjust the cooling temperature gauge to the appropriate temperature (generally 30°C);

⑥When the medicine is all over the entire feeding track, press the green button of the motor and run the empty car. After the blowing, heat sealing and punching meet the requirements, press the tablet bucket vibration button and planetary cloth switch;

⑦When adjusting the blanking, make the blanking meet the requirements and carry out normal packaging;

⑧After packaging, shut down in the following order: press the tablet hopper shutdown button-press the red button of the motor-host stop-turn off the main power switch-close the intake valve-close the water inlet valve. Then clean the machine and the site, and maintain the packaging equipment

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