AC-350 Automatic Blister Paper Card Packing Machine

Short Description:

1.suitable for half cover sealing paper blister heat sealing packaging
2.Six station -rotating table design
3.Design according to your product

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    AC-350 is Suitable for half-cover seal blister card packaging, such as daily commodity , small hardware (battery, electronics, glue), stationery, auto part (brake pads, spark plugs), cosmetics (lipsticks),toys (small cars), food etc.

    AC-350 Automatic Blister Paper Card Packing Machine (1)


    --Automatic forming blister, punching the blister, scrap collect,dropping paper card, paper blister heat sealing, product output automatically.
    --Accurate temperature control module, PVC shortage alarm, insufficient air pressure auto stop and automatic warning for damaged electrical parts.
    --Human-machine interface and PLC control system, and is equipped with counting, starting password, fault reminder, maintenance reminder and other functions.

    Main parameter

    Production speed 15-18 times/min
    Stroke range 30mm-200mm
    Max forming area 320mm*160mm
    Max standard forming depth 35mm
    Forming heating power 3.5kw(*2)
    Heat sealing power 2.5kw
    Total power 12kw
    Air consumption(air compressor) consumption ≥0.5 m³/min
    Air Pressure 0.5-0.8mpa
    Mold cooling water (chiller) 50 L/h
    Packing material(PVC)(PET) thickness0.15mm-0.5mm内
    Packing material (cardboard) 200g-500g
    Max paper dimension 400mm*200mm*0.5mm
    Total Weight 2100kg
    Machine dimension(L*W*H) 3300mm*1700mm*1850mm

    Flow Diagram

    Working procedure:
    PVC loading→PVC heating→blister forming→servo traction→blister cutting→PVC scrap collection→blister transfer to the turntable→worker place product→paper card lay down →hot sealing→product output
    (optional choice:labelling machine, ink-jet printer)

    AC-350 Automatic Blister Paper Card Packing Machine (2)

    Three-view Drawing

    AC-350 Automatic Blister Paper Card Packing Machine (3)

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